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Be An IARTC Leader!

Call for Letters of Interest
IARTC Committee Chairs and Members

Greetings IARTC Members and Friends,

Thank you for your support to date. IARTC continues to seek strong leaders to serve as members and chairs of its various committees, detailed below. We invite you to review the descriptions and apply to serve as members and/or chairs of these important committees. To apply, please submit a letter of interest detailing which committee(s) you would like to join, highlighting your qualifications to serve, and indicating if you would be willing to chair and/or co-chair the committee. Please send the Letter of Interest and a current CV to, listing your preferred committee in the subject line. Committee members and chairs must be IARTC members. To join, contact ACA’s Member Services Center at 800-298-2276, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm ET. ACA members who join IARTC will pay a prorated dues amount based on your ACA membership expiration date. Non-ACA members who join IARTC will pay one full year of dues plus a $10 processing fee.


Applications for committee membership will be accepted until the positions are filled. Those appointed to the committees will be asked to submit a short bio and headshot to be featured on the IARTC website: Graduate students and members of diverse, marginalized, and under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

We look forward to reviewing your letters and CVs. Should you have any questions, please contact IARTC President, Dr. Peggy Mayfield at 

IARTC Committee Descriptions
International Association for Resilience and Trauma Counseling

Composition:  Each Committee shall be comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, and 3-4 diverse members, including a graduate student.  Committee Chairs will divide committee responsibilities as they see fit and direct and assist with tasks as appropriate.  Chairs are responsible for ensuring all aspects and tasks within the committee’s mandate function smoothly.  Committee work will be accomplished via videoconference (Zoom), email, and, as feasible face-to-face meetings.  The estimated monthly effort is approximately 4-6 hours.  Previous experience leading and working on teams is preferred.  Only IARTC Members in good standing are eligible to serve on IARTC Committees. Each Committee will provide an informal update at each quarterly meeting and submit a formal, written Annual Report to the President, Dr. Peggy Mayfield ( for the IARTC Board meeting that most closely coincides with the ACA Annual Conference (Spring each year). The report will include committee achievements to date and goals for the next fiscal year.

Committee Chairs serve for one year but may be reappointed for two or three additional one-year terms by the current IARTC President-Elect. Committee members may not serve for more than three consecutive years, except by vote of the IARTC Board or as otherwise specified in current IARTC Bylaws.  

Advocacy Committee
Develop position statements and identify areas of advocacy for IARTC.

1.    Monitor federal, state, local, and private policies for Professional Counselor services and make recommendations to IARTC.
2.    Provide input to IARTC on legislative and public policy issues that impact the delivery of services by all  Counselors and related Professionals serving in the fields of resilience and trauma.
3.    Advocate to the general public, public officials, and corporate decision-makers on the credentials and benefits of services provided by Professional Counselors.
4.    Monitor issues that affect the accreditation and certification/licensure of Professional Counselors, including the standards for specialization.
5.    Provide input to IARTC on legislative and public policy issues that impact the delivery of effective professional counseling services for those who have experienced trauma or who seek to build resilience.
6.    Promote IARTC Advocacy Events before and during each Legislative Session.
7.    Submit position statements to the President for Board approval prior to dissemination.

Awards Committee
To select recipients for the IARTC Awards

1.    Promote the Awards program by publishing articles in IARTC publications and marketing materials to promote nominations for awards
2.    Review nominations and select recipients for each award no later than August 15 of each year. There is no requirement to present an award in each category each year. In the case of a tie vote in the committee, the chair will cast the deciding vote.
3.    Notify each award recipient on January 30 and encourage each recipient to attend the Awards ceremony held during the Annual ACA Conference. 
4.    Notify each nominating organization and each nominee of the committee’s decisions no later than January 30.
5.    Coordinate with the IARTC President to present the Awards during the ACA Annual Conference. 
6.    Submit an article promoting the Award recipients to the IARTC newsletter no later than February 15.
7.    Members of the Awards Committee may not submit or support nominations for awards. The committee chair will notify a committee member who is nominated for or submits an award prior to the Awards Committee selection meeting. The committee member has the option of resigning from the committee, withdrawing the nomination, or withdrawing from award consideration

Branch Committee (State, Regional, International)  

Purpose: To identify and develop IARTC branches



  1. Serve as a point of contact between IARTC Branches and IARTC

  2. Identify state/region/international leaders to develop and affiliate as an IARTC Branch

  3. Provide mentoring to prospective organizations/leaders as they engage in the Branch affiliation process

  4. Maintain a database of information on each Branch, the current leadership, and members

  5. Maintain records of communication with organizations/leaders throughout the recruitment and affiliation process

  6. Provide support to Branches as they develop and grow their organization

  7. Submit proposed Branch Bylaws to the IARTC Bylaws Committee for approval

  8. Submit recommendations to issue a Branch Charter to the IARTC Executive Committee once the application process is successfully completed and keep proposed Branches apprised of the process.

  9. Interim approval from the IARTC Executive Committee will be sufficient to allow the Branch to plan activities until the charter can be ratified by lARTC's Board at the next scheduled quarterly business meeting.


Budget & Finance Committee
Develops the IARTC Annual Budget in collaboration with the Treasurer and the President.  Shall carry out such other activities as may be assigned by the Board or the President.  


1.    Develops the IARTC annual Budget in collaboration with the Treasurer and the President to present to the Board.
2.    Ensures proposed expenditures are in compliance with the IARTC Bylaws and the IARTC Policies and Procedures Manual, and ACA requirements in collaboration with the Treasurer.
3.    Ensures the Budget is balanced in collaboration with the Treasurer.

Bylaws Committee

Purpose: To ensure that the governance documents of IARTC reflect the policies established by the Board and are in compliance with ACA.



  1. Review and present to the Board all proposed amendments to the Bylaws and/or Policies and Procedures  Manual. The committee may originate and propose amendments.

  2. Review each revision of the Bylaws and Policy and Procedure Manual published by IARTC to ensure that it accurately reflects amendments approved by the Board.

  3. Coordinate with the President to ensure that any amendments to the IARTC Bylaws are submitted to ACA for approval.

Dr. Marty Jencius—IARTC Board Liaison

Communication, Media, and Public Relations Committee

Purpose: To promote IARTC through social media outlets



  1. Maintain social media accounts

  2. Develop a schedule to ensure regular posting to accounts

  3. Create posts to promote IARTC activities

  4. Create posts of interest to followers

  5. The Chair will assign roles to committee members to ensure adequate coverage of all social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Counsgrads, CESNET, and so forth).

  6. The Chair will make regular posts to the Traumatology Interest Network on ACA Connect.

  7. Consider adding a link to join IARTC to official signatures for email.

  8. Research and adopt best practices for social media marketing

  9. Evaluate and adopt social media management platforms such as Hootsuite or similar

  10. Track and report on social media efforts by submitting quarterly reports to the President

Conference Committee

Purpose: To oversee all aspects of developing and executing conferences including the ACA Annual Conference and Exposition and IARTC’s Bi-Annual Conference. The chair is the IARTC President-Elect. 


   1.    This committee oversees all aspects of developing and hosting a bi-annual (every other year) Conference for IARTC members, including a budget, speakers, volunteers, registrations, location set-up and clean up, sponsors, exhibitors, exhibit hall, speaker technology, tech support, speaker gifts, accommodations (both in-person and virtual), signage, name tags/lanyards, conference bags, branded items, promotion, and publicity, conference program/brochure/mobile app, speaker evaluations, continuing education needs, and other duties as needed.  
   2.    The proposed first IARTC Conference will be as soon as the President-Elect deems it is feasible given budget needs and IARTC budget status and in consultation with the President.
   3.    The venue will be selected in consideration of the costs incurred by IARTC members. Free venues will receive first consideration. The venue should be selected in a location adjacent to where most IARTC members reside. If possible, a location near a major airport is ideal. There should be no conflicts of interest in the selection of a venue.
   4.    This committee will need 15-25 members, with defined roles.  Conference Theme (must address traumatic stress/resilience in some context); Roles shall address Call for Proposals; Proposal Evaluations; Notification of Acceptance/Denial, CEU Certificates, and so forth.    

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Committee

Purpose: Advances pedagogy, epistemology, practice knowledge, advocacy, and research related to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights as they intersect with traumatic stress and resilience.

1.    Examines relevant material to be included in counselor education; how terms related to diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights are being taught and written about as they intersect with traumatic stress and resilience in the Counseling Profession. 
2.    Reviews research on issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights in the Counseling Profession
3.    Organizes events focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights at the IARTC Conference
4.    Develops and submits to IARTC Board proposed training modules for IARTC members

Membership Committee

Purpose: To promote membership through relevant and beneficial member services

1.    Conduct periodic review of IARTC membership categories and make recommendations to the Board.
2.    Review member services and make recommendations to the Board.
3.    Recommend strategies and programs to increase and retain IARTC members.
4.    Monitor membership reports and contact members who have not renewed.
5.    Maintain an email database and electronic communication with members.

Nominations and Elections Committee

Purpose: This committee is responsible for carrying out nominations and elections procedures in concert with the ACA nominations and elections timetables and procedures. Membership shall consist of the Immediate Past-President who shall be a chair, plus the current President, and President-Elect. 


1.    The committee shall seek more than one nominee for each position to be elected for the next term, and submit a slate of candidates for approval by the Board at its October meeting.
2.   The committee recognizes that i
n order to be a candidate for the position of President-Elect, nominees must hold a position on the IARTC board, chair a committee, or chair a task force, and be a Professional member. 
3.   Governing Council representative nominees must hold a position on the IARTC board for a minimum of two years. 
4.    The ACA Nominations and Election Committee shall supervise the election of officers in accordance with written policies approved by the Executive Board. 


Professional Development Committee

Purpose: To oversee all professional development activities offered by IARTC


1.    Seek and obtain CEU approval through NBCC (and other CEU providers)
2.    Maintain all records associated with professional development offerings in accordance with requirements of continuing education provider agreements
3.    Develop and organize the IARTC webinar series 
4.    Promote all continuing education offerings
5.    Manage registration and issuance of certificates for all continuing education offerings


Research Grant Committee 
To select recipients for the IARTC Research Grant(s)

1.    Identify and select the recipient(s) of the IARTC Research Grant(s)
2.    Promote the grant application and deadline information
3.    Ensure grant recipients complete all paperwork in a timely manner
4.    Coordinate with Treasurer on the distribution of funds

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