Be An IARTC Leader!

Call for Letters of Interest
IARTC Committee Chairs and Members

Greetings IARTC Members and Friends,

Thank you for your support to date. IARTC is currently seeking strong leaders to serve as members and chairs of its various committees, detailed below. We invite you to review the descriptions and apply to serve as members and/or chairs of these important committees. To apply, please submit a letter of interest detailing which committee you would like to join, highlighting your qualifications to serve, and indicating if you would be willing to chair and/or co-chair the committee. Please send the Letter of Interest and a current CV to, listing your preferred committee in the subject line. Committee members and chairs must be IARTC members. To join, use this link: Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. Those appointed to the committees will be asked to submit a short bio and headshot to be featured on the IARTC website: Graduate students and members of diverse, marginalized, and under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

We look forward to reviewing your letters and CVs. We hope to notify committee members of their appointments by October 17th.  Should you have any questions, please contact IARTC President-Elect, Dr. Peggy Mayfield at or IARTC Master’s Student Representative, Jordan Mann at

IARTC Committee Descriptions
International Association for Resilience and Trauma Counseling
September 17, 2021

Composition:  Each Committee shall be comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, and 3-4 diverse members, including a graduate student.  Committee Chairs will divide committee responsibilities as they see fit and direct and assist with tasks as appropriate.  Chairs are responsible for ensuring all aspects and tasks within the committee’s mandate function smoothly.  Committee work will be accomplished via videoconference (Zoom), email, and, as feasible face-to-face meetings.  Estimated monthly effort is approximately 4-6 hours.  Previous experience leading and working in teams is preferred.  Only IARTC Members in good standing are eligible to serve on IARTC Committees. Each Committee will provide an informal update at each quarterly meeting and submit a formal, written Annual Report to the President for the IARTC Board meeting that most closely coincides with the ACA Annual Conference (Spring each year). The report will include committee achievements to date, goals for the next fiscal year.

Committee Chairs serve for one year, but may be reappointed for two or three additional one-year terms by the current IARTC President. Committee members may not serve for more than three consecutive years, except by vote of the IARTC Board or as otherwise specified in current IARTC Bylaws.  

Committee nominations are sought each September.  Elections are run each December.  Terms run on a fiscal year starting July 1, ending June 30.  

Advocacy Committee:  Monitors, researches and identifies areas for public policy advocacy on behalf of professional counselors working in the specialty areas of traumatic stress and resilience; gathers and shares information with the IARTC Board that confirms and highlights the need for state or national government action through legislation; communicates with state and national legislators in support of the needs of professional counselors working in the specialty area of traumatic stress; and performs relevant duties as from time to time may be prescribed by the IARTC President, on recommendation by the IARTC Board. 

Branch Committee:   Seeks and considers petitions for the formation of new national, state, or regional branches of IARTC; makes recommendations to the IARTC Board for formation and/or dissolutions of national, state, or regional branches; promotes cooperation and communication among branches and IARTC; assists branches in coordinating efforts among each other and with IARTC; reviews status of state, national, or regional branches on 5-year intervals. 

Bylaws Committee:  Receives proposals for amending the Bylaws and all resolutions submitted by various components of IARTC; presents proposed amendments in accordance with Article XII Section 1 of the IARTC Bylaws to the IARTC Board, and presents proposed resolutions to the IARTC Membership through the IARTC Board for vote and potential action.  The IARTC Secretary chairs this committee. 
Dr. Marty Jencius—IARTC Board Liaison

Communication/Media and Public Relations Committee:   Oversees and coordinates all non-journal and non-newsletter-related publications and media projects of IARTC with the approval of the IARTC Board.  Members include regional and national diversity with an eye for talent in content and product development such as webinars, reports, briefs, website and social media content, and online Interest Networks of IARTC.  This committee will need 9-10 members, divided to address website and social media; online product development; and publications and Interest Networks. 

Conference Committee: The Chair of the Conference Committee is the President-Elect per the Bylaws. This committee oversees all aspects of developing and hosting a bi-annual (every other year) Conference for IARTC members, including budget, speakers, volunteers, registrations, location set-up and clean up, sponsors, exhibitors and exhibit hall, speaker technology, speaker gifts, accommodations (both in person and virtual), signage, name tags and conference bags, graduate student mentoring and activities; branded items, promotion and publicity, conference program/brochure/mobile app, speaker evaluations, Continuing Education needs, and other duties as assigned.  Proposed first IARTC Conference will be in Spring 2023.  This committee will need 9-18 members, divided equally among Presentation/Program planning; Registrations; On-site check-in/registration; Publicity/Promotion; Exhibitors/Sponsors; Conference Program/Brochure/Mobile App; Graduate Student Activities; Technology; and Evaluation/Continuing Education. This committee will facilitate IARTC’s presence at the annual ACA Conference and Exposition. For the ACA Conference and Exposition, the Committee will secure a table for IARTC in the exhibition hall, ensure signage, branded items, recruiting, and assigning volunteer table coverage for the exhibit hall, and other duties as assigned.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Committee:  Advances pedagogy, advocacy, and research related to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights as they intersect with traumatic stress and resilience. Examines relevant material to be included in counselor education; how terms related to diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights are being taught and written about as they intersect with traumatic stress and resilience in the Counseling Profession.  Reviews research on issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights in the Counseling Profession; Organizes events focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, understanding, empathy, social justice, and human rights at the IARTC Conference. Develops and submits to IARTC Board proposed training modules for IARTC members to be housed in a members-only area of the IARTC website.  

Ethics Committee:  Promotes ethical practices to IARTC members. Provides guidance regarding the ACA Code of Ethics, and resources for ethical practice. Maintains ongoing contact with the ACA Ethics Committee for updated guidance and informs IARTC members.

Membership Committee:  Actively promotes IARTC membership.  This committee includes leaders of IARTC Regions and Branches in the maintenance of a national and international network.  The committee researches best-practices in membership recruitment and makes recommendations to the IARTC board.

Nominations, Elections, and Awards Committee:  The Chair of the Nominations, Election, and Awards Committee shall be the President-Elect per IARTC Bylaws. This committee shall (1) oversee and coordinate invitation for, review of nominations, and elections for IARTC Committee and Board Members; (2) oversee and coordinate invitation for, review of nominations, and selection for awards given by IARTC.  This includes preparing announcements calling for IARTC elections and award nominations, monitoring of awards criteria, carrying out all responsibilities associated with the determination of awardees, obtaining awards, announcing awards to the IARTC Board, Newsletter, and website, and making periodic reports to the IARTC Board with respect to new awards, amended criteria, and elimination of various awards. This committee shall use the ACA protocols regarding elections (e.g., September nominations, December elections).